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Choose from a wide range of spectacles and designer brands at Large and Large Opticians


At Large & Large Opticians we love spectacles! We enjoy helping you choose the best frames to get the look you want. We are happy to help you select frames to suit your face shape, skin tone, hair colour and lifestyle. We are experts in making sure your glasses are fitted for optimum comfort too. Our on-site workshop enables us to be in control of the finished product and make quality checks at every stage of the glazing process, so you can look good and feel great while wearing your chosen frames.


We can offer lenses and lens finishes that are tailored to complement and enhance your day to day vision. We will devote as much time to you as you need, and we don’t just take into account your prescription when we make your lens recommendation. It’s important to us that you are happy with your choice of glasses, so we will also consider your choice of frame, your regular environment and your comfort to make sure that we recommend products that are right for you.

Why not bring your smart phone along with you when you visit? Our staff would be happy to snap some pictures so you can see how you look in your chosen frames from an outside perspective, too! Book your appointment today.

We are here to help you make the right choice

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